My top 10 songs of January and February

In future this will be a list from only the one month, but since this is new, here are my favourite songs from the start of 2011: (note- some of these may technically be from late last year, but have only made it into my earholes early this year)

10) Oh No Oh My- Walking Into Me. From People Problems, one of the albums I was looking forward to for the longest, this song is Oh No Oh My at their finest. Watch the video for the song here.

9) The Twilight Singers- On The Corner. From the new album, Dynamite Steps. I haven’t had a chance to give the album a thorough listen yet, but from what I have heard, it is sure to be good. This was one of my favourites from the moment I started listenig. Watch the video here.

8) Snake! Snake! Snakes! – We Come Out At Night.  Not going to lie- I know absolutely nothing about this band, other than that they have this song. I’m sure they have others too, and if they are half as good as this, I’ll be sure to enjoy them. Feel free to watch this song in the meantime.

7) Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down. From the album Thank You, Happy Birthday; which is definatly one of the best albums of 2011 so far. I highly suggset buying the entire album at some point, aswell as watching the video for Shake Me Down here

6) The Decemberists- Don’t Carry It All. From the album The King Is Dead. A lot of Decemberists fans weren’t fans of the change in direction the band took for The Hazards Of Love a few years back (although I really liked it, it was my favourite album of that year). Anyway, The King Is Dead reverts back to The Decemberists of old, and Don’t Carry It All has to be close to their best song to date. Listen to the song here.

5) The Strokes- Under Cover Of Darkness. From the upcoming album, Angels. A long, long wait between albums seems like it is going to be well worth it, if this song is anything to go by. Take a listen here

4) Of Monsters And Men- Little Talks. Another band I hadn’t heard of until recently. All I know is that they are a six peice indie-folk-pop band from Iceland. Oh, and that this song is awesome. I suggest listening here.

3) PJ Harvey- The Words That Maketh Murder. From the new album, Let England Shake. Despite having several PJ Harvey albums, the latest one is really the first time I have taken the time to listen to one in full, from start to finish, several times. And I am really enjoying it, hence this song making it into this list and the album making it into my favourite albums list. Take a listen here.

2) Wolf Gang- Lions In Cages. This is one of the ones that I believe actually came out some time in 2010, but has only begun to get more of a listen to me recently after accidentally clicking on it in itunes. I’m sure i’ve heard it on TV or the Radio somewhere before then too. Anyway, it’s super, so listen to it. GO GO GO.

1) Walk The Sun- Anna Sun. Another band I’d heard nothing about until just recently. I can’t get this song out of my head at the moment. I don’t really have much else to say, so I suggest watching to the video and judging for yourself. Watch it below: (yeah that’s right, number one doesnt make you go to a different page!)

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